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Gas Processing

Gas processing equipment converts well-head gas into a saleable product by removing contaminants such as sand, water and sour gases, and also by reducing the Hydrocarbon dew point. Pipeline specifications vary from site to site, however nearly all have a minimum water, Sulfur, & CO2 content requirements as well as hydrocarbon dew point maximums. CPE understands the importance of reaching your production goals while maintaining a safe working environment for operators. We build all of our gas processing systems to ASME and API standards.

Types of Gas Processing Systems:

  • Dehydration
      Dehydration systems remove saturated water from produced gas streams by contacting the gas stream with tri-ethylene glycol which has a high affinity for absorbing water. The glycol is regenerated and the operation is continuous. Our dehydration systems are custom built to your specifications and may be configured as skidded units, or integrated into existing operations. Some gas streams contain high amounts of aromatic compounds and may require additional equipment (BTEX units, which we aslo supply) to remove and dispose those compounds to satisfy environmental regulations.
  • Amine sweetening
      Amine sweetening systems remove undesirable acid gases (H2S & CO2) from produced sour gas streams by contacting the sour gas with an aqueous solutions of alkyamines. These systems have traditionally utilized MDEA which selectively removes greater amounts of H2S over CO2 since CO2 pipelines specifications are generally much looser than those of H2S. The aqueous amine solution is regenerated and the process is continuous. Our Sweetening systems are custom built to your specifications and may be configured as skid mounted modules or integrated into existing process trains. Acid gas disposal methods and their associated equipment designs are typically evaluated at the same time as the design of the sweetening process itself to ensure a well-integrated performance between the two systems. Several technologies are available each with varying amounts of capital cost and operator training. The mass flow and composition of acid gas typically determines the optimum chose of technology.
  • Joules-Thomson dew point control
      In addition to water and acid gas content specifications, pipeline companies may also impose specifications on the Hydrocarbon Dew point of your gas product. This is typically accomplished utilizing the joule-Thomson effect when a rich hydrocarbon gas stream has available pressure. LNG’s drop out of the gas and the resultant gas has a lower hydrocarbon dew point. The same process is also used to condition fuel gas. CPE custom builds these units to meet our customers and their clients unique process conditions and equipment standards.
  • Gas Production Units
      Hydrates are always a concern when producing natural gas. Hydrates can form at temperatures well above the normal freezing point of water and it is often necessary to apply heat to the gas before and after it passes through a choke valve. CPE manufactures several types of these units and as always they are uniquely fitted to our customers’ requirements.